Imaginality brings learning to life using Augmented Reality.Hold a beating 3D heart in the palm of your hand and see how blood flows through it, investigate moon phases, or have fun creating and sharing 3D objects with your friends.
​IMAGINALITY is designed to enhance students’ understanding of spatial, temporal and contextual information in an intuitive and engaging way that is both easy and fun to use. It supports prescriptive, self-paced learning for visual, audible and kinesthetic learners. It also offers unique forms of interaction with virtual objects that are not possible with real objects.
Concept Construxions® is a fully articulated and patented instructional system designed to engage students in academic discourse and critical thinking. The system articulates and bridges Tier II (general academic) and Tier III (domain-specific) vocabulary learning through the grades (vertically) and across the curriculum (horizontally). The visual cues and kinesthetic nature of our manipulatives build a fully-fashioned yet intuitive and flexible system for districts, schools and individual classrooms. As a supplemental tool, it was designed to be easily adapted to changing standards, textbooks and curriculum. This is not a scripted program, but professional...
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